Cris is a Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach, ICF Mentor, Assessor, and Coach Supervisor. She is also a Professional Certified Supervisor Counselor, with over 5000 hours of post-graduate training in many fields. She began her coaching career in 1986, driving her sled-dog racing team to regional and world championships level over the next 10 years. She moved into the helping professions in 2008 with an emphasis on training, gaining accreditation as an Educational Trainer in the field of Psychosynthesis counseling, and working her way up to Counselor Supervisor. She became certified as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach in 2016 with The Synthesis Center (Amherst, MA). This was a natural evolution for her. Psychosynthesis, developed over a century ago by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, M.D, is a psychology of the Spirit, a heart-centered transpersonal psychology which is generally considered the forerunner of Positive Psychology today. It provides a unique and powerful vision of the human psyche, leading to an understanding of the psychological elements and dynamics in play and how we can become the Observer-Director of our own inner world, developing true Self-Leadership.

Cris’ Psychosynthesis work as a coach trainer was initially with The Synthesis Center. In 2017 she co-founded Synthesis Coaching Associates (SCA), a Psychosynthesis life coach training and coaching services organization based in Easton, MD. She is the creator or co-creator of 5 professional coach training programs, including SCA’s ICF-accredited 165 hour Transformational Psychosynthesis Life Coach program and the Green Coaching program of Ecopsiché, an Italian ecopsychology school, and has authored, co-authored, and contributed to journals, periodicals, and publications in the field of Psychosynthesis Life Coaching. While the basis of Cris’ work is Psychosynthesis, her interests and background range from Indovedic Psychology to Neuroscience applied to coaching, including Psychoenergetics, Positive Psychology, Emotional Management, Heart Intelligence, EcoTuning, Transpersonal Ecopsychology, EcoCounseling, and more. Her approach to coaching is holistic and transformational at a transpersonal level, combining an acute awareness of the essence of her clients with an immensely practical outlook focused on achieving excellence and Self leadership. She runs both her coaching practice and SCA’s live sessions from a mountainside property in the Italian Alps as well as worldwide via her online coach/training platform.

+ How to transform one’s life experiences into powerful coaching skills.

+ Self-Acceptance: how we can truly accept our history made up by our

choices and actions, up and down, wins and losses, as a congruent, resilient

pathway toward our Authenticity?

+ Self-compassion is not a starting point. It emerges as a result of Awakening

to our Self

+ What does Empowerment mean from the Psychosynthesis Life Coaching


+ Being a coach, coaching from the head to the heart in a dynamic flow

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