Master Certified Coach, Christopher McAuliffe, and Professional Certified Coach, Alex Terranova jump into 2022 with a podcast episode about their experience of the New Year, getting complete with 2021, how they work with clients to end a year, start a new year, and all things around new year goals and expectations. 

In this episodes they discuss:

-The expectations to have goals and leap into a new year ready to go and that all of us might not feel the same way about it and that’s ok.

-How social media is impacting our moods and mental health

-Moving faster or slower towards your goals

-Noticing that our clients and ourselves spend most of our time in the past or in the future and not in the present and the impact that has on us

-Financial up-leveling and the anxiety that can come with it.

-New Years and Daily Rituals for success

-Being at cause for your day and making choices to put you in the driver’s seat of your own life

-Alex has issues with turning 40 and the expectations of having parties and Christopher digs into that with him

-What is next when the year doesn’t get off to an ideal start