Episode Summary

Susan Bratton is an intimacy wellness expert. She helps people across the gender spectrum experience more intimacy and connection. Because she touches the lives of millions of people, she needs scalable tools and techniques that are easy for people to use and create a massive shift for them.

On this episode, Susan will share a story of how she worked with her mentor to create The Magic Pill Method. She originally developed the idea for a national television show segment. Then went on to create a free ebook with the method. Part of her process included discovering what holds people back from having the intimacy they crave. And then finding a way to help people help themselves. And that’s how The Magic Pill Method was born.

Part business strategy, part personal development, this show has something for everyone… including a lot of fun and loads of laughs.

Guest: Susan Bratton

Show Notes

  • Alex talks about his new glasses
  • Lets talk Corona Virus with Susan
  • Talking about each relationship of the hosts
  • Susan gives praise and education to Alex and his new partner
  • Susan helps the guys find a better sex life
  • The magic pill method and what it is
  • Talking about how long the sexual side of things take in a relationship
  • Lets talk about the single people for a little bit
  • Finish with masturbation and porn

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Examples of various free gift funnels for lead capture so coaches can see how I do this:



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