In this episode of The Elevate Podcast, I speak with Devin Roscillo.

Devin Roscillo is an entrepreneur, a Speech Language Pathologist, and a Career & Mindset Empowerment Mentor for eager professionals. 

Before starting her own business,Devin found her miserable in her mainstream job and thinking inside the box daily. When she hit her lowest point, she made a choice to blast past her barriers and create a limitless career and life. She now works to impact other speech language pathologists to uplevel their careers and find fulfillment through mindset practices, goal-setting, and patient-advocacy.

Devin’s mission is to facilitate outside the box thinking and creativity within her community and cause a ripple effect across the world, challenging individuals to empower themselves, and to lead with love. 

In this episode, my guest Devin I talk about the breaking point that had her jump into entrepreneurship, self-love vs. self-care, and creating opportunity in the face of fear and circumstances.

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