On this episode of the Elevate Podcast we interview Christina Stathopoulos.

Christina Stathopoulos is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation-credentialed) and an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach. She holds degrees with high honors in Chemistry and English from Mount Holyoke College.

In her business, Hear Her Roar, Christina specializes in working with millennial women who have taken on a new leadership role and are facing the common struggles of managing a team–having executive presence, leading people towards a goal, letting go of doing all the do.

In addition to her private practice, she serves the next generation of coaches and leaders as a Leader in Training of Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach & Leadership Training Program. In her 4 years of business, she has coached 1,500+ hours and provided 850+ hours of leadership training.

She is an International Speaker, having recently spoken at the world’s largest coaching conference in Prague about coaching millennial leadership. In short, she really loves this stuff.

When she is somehow not talking about coaching or leadership, you can find her brewing beer, sneaking more plants into her office, eating delicious meals with her husband, crying over cute dogs on Instagram, or setting a few witchy intentions.

In this episode, Christina and I talk about her work as a Millennial Life Coach in an industry where most folks are over 45, creating your life life from your intention vs. default, how performance gets in the way of true partnership and connection.

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