Episode 6: The Challenge of Employee Retention and Scaling a Business with Jeannie Henderson

Buffalos run into the storm, and cows run away from it.

This is Jeannie Henderson in a nutshell. She’s a Buffalo, and in this episode, we dive deep! We learn about her incredible accomplishments in the world of business. Then she gets ultra vulnerable, sharing her heart and feelings around the challenge of taking care of her employees and scaling her business.

Jeannie Henderson is the CEO of Jeannie Cleaning and has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. Before joining the cleaning industry, she was a partner in over 30 top-performing franchise restaurant locations. Jeannie Cleaning was recognized as a “Top 3 Partner” in 2021 by Cleaning for a Reason for providing free cleaning to cancer patients. Jeannie is the Chairperson of the ISSA Residential Cleaning Council of North America and was a 2021 ISSA Cleaning Innovation Awards Judge. She advocates for local businesses as a board member of Buy Local Kalamazoo. She is a Business Coach and loves guiding business leaders toward a life of abundance.

In this episode, we discuss:

-Public Vulnerability

-How everyone has a challenge, and none of us are winners all the time

-Success rides on relationships

-Failures and red flags

-The value and importance of listening skills

-How to better value employees

-Employee retention

-Letting go of how we’ve always done things

-Opening your eyes to new possibilities

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