The Brand Building Episode with Special Guest Host Kristen Roberts

What does it mean to build a brand? What should you protect? What is your intellectual property? Should you name the brand after yourself? What is IP, or a trademark? Bree, London, and Alex are all brand builders and building their brands. In the world we live in it seems like it’s part of the territory when it comes to entrepreneurship. Today, as Alex couldn’t be here, Intellectual Property Attorney, and Law Professor, Kristen Roberts steps in as Co-Host.

On this episode we discuss:

-Building a brand

-Why you might not want to name a brand after yourself

-Listening to an Intellectual Property Attorney

-Building a brand with a company or independently

-Branding when it comes to services versus products

-Researching when to create an original brand

-Look at what people have done not what social media says

-Balancing content

-What are your priorities and how badly do you want it

-Online classes – doing things and getting experience vs just taking a class

-Passionate enough to put in the work

Thank you for joining us Kristen. Kristen Roberts is the Founder and Managing attorney of Trestle Law, APC. Kristen primarily focuses her practice on helping businesses and their owners develop, protect, and police their brands and other valuable company intellectual property. Kristen is highly experienced in the fields of trademark and copyright law, both from transactional as well as litigation standpoints. Kristen is also a classically trained opera singer and an adjunct faculty member at her alma mater, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she teaches several intellectual property courses.

IG: @kristen_roberts_esq or @trestlelaw


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Alex Terranova is a DreamMason and knows you are one too. He’s the Author of Fictional Authenticity, Creator of Fictional Authenticity-The Course, Hosts The DreamMason Podcast, Co-Hosts The Coaching Show Podcast, is a successful Certified Personal & Professional Performance Coach who supports strong and successful high achievers to unmask convention, embrace the rebel within, and more deeply explore the complex and agitated edges of our existence to create more clarity, freedom, and success in their lives. 


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Bree Holland is a beast. You don’t even realize. She’s a mother of 3 young girls, engaged to her soulmate, and the Creator of BlushingConfidence, a lifestyle brand & blog. She also runs The Wellness Studio, which helps babes not suck at self care and if that wasn’t enough she’s the owner of Level Up, a bullet proof system and mentorship program supporting burned out Mom’s to create a paycheck and attach it to their self care routine. 



London Papamichael, aka the other Greek Freak, is a Motivational Speaker, successful Los Angeles based personal trainer, creator of Forgiveness, a documentary, has worked with Super Bowl Champ Steve Weatherford, and is the visionary mind behind the forthcoming success isn’t a solo sport program