For years a man’s confidence seemed to be based on the size of his… Wallet. Or the logo on his car, the women on his arm, the chisel of his jawline. And here’s the thing, it’s easy to be confident when things are going well, and you have it all, but a man’s true confidence is demonstrated when things aren’t going well, when he faces challenging times, and when the winds aren’t blowing in his sails. See, the problem with confidence coming from money, a woman, a car, or anything else is that it only takes a moment for them to vanish. A woman can leave, a business can fall on hard times, the money can disappear, and looks fade. If a man’s confidence depends on things outside of himself, he is living in false confidence or a temporary state of confidence.

Anything outside of us or that depends on the opinion of others can vanish faster than it was created. True confidence isn’t temporary or gained through a result. True and sustaining confidence is an inside job, developed, practiced, and established within.

Life is an endless ebb and flow, up and down, winning and losing journey. So if you want to be a more confident man, the following five areas (Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Empathy & Kindness, Inclusion, and Authenticity) are the key. If you are strong and grounded in these areas, you will be confident no matter where life takes you.