Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, CEC, is a 40-year veteran of the platform, and has been voted one of the world’s Top 5 Sales and Marketing Speakers a record five years straight. Co-author of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series of books, he’s helped hundreds of professional colleagues accelerate their own success. He works one-on-one with a limited number of professionals who wish to discover, develop and deliver their unique message to the world.  

Orvel Ray travels worldwide to share his unconventional wisdom at sales meetings and conventions, large and small. From a rousing general-session keynote to an intensive, multi-day bootcamp, he will inspire, excite and arm your people with hundreds of simple, low-cost or no-cost sales and marketing ideas that drive revenue and earn big profits. 

Unconventional, engaging and funny, he has wowed audiences in more than 1,000 cities and 47 countries, on every continent except Antarctica.

He’s been voted one of the world’s Top 5 Sales and Marketing Speakers for the past five years straight. See why companies like IBM, Marriott, United Airlines, Apple, Microsoft, and many, many others, trust him to train and coach their salespeople.

He’s a co-author of six books in the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, with more than 22 million books sold worldwide in 62 languages, including Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Negotiating, Guerrilla Retailing and Guerrilla Marketing Remix. His work has been quoted in INC., The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and dozens of trade journals in a dozen languages.

Famous for his deep customization, every program is prepared specifically to fit your business and the challenges faced by your team. Orvel Ray uses a variety of research methods, including pre-seminar interviews with your key people, mystery-shopping your office, and even spying on your competitors.

Many people write a book, then get busy trying to sell it. I suggest you take the opposite approach, and write a book that sells YOU! In this program, we’ll discuss how to design, develop and deliver a book that actually grows your practice.

-On Selling 22 million+ books

-Creating a coaching practices and knowing if MCC or PCC makes sense for you.

-Only 1 in 10,000 people actually write a book

-Advanced storytelling techniques

-How to write a book that sells you

-Unconscious competence 

-Stop thinking about the topic and think about the journey

-Pay attention to what you repeat to your clients, that’s your book’s magic

-Who is your book for

-3-5-3 email structure for success

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