Abbott believes fulfillment and Joy can be cultivated. Following his passions, first, at Made for Joy, a group that is connecting people, communities and resources by designing extraordinary experiences first in real life and now in Virtual Reality. Made for Joy inspires people to embrace, cultivate and share joy. WHY JOY? Because Joy can be found in moments, but the joy that lasts a lifetime is found in ourselves. No matter our circumstances, how we view and respond to the world around us is the way to joy. It is a path to walk and a skill to cultivate. When we live life understanding joy is a choice and a way to live, we have the capacity to experience joy in any moment. As we become more distanced from each other Abbott is pouring his experience into the field of Virtual Reality, focused on supporting community and human connection in new and innovative ways. His co-founder and partner Emiliana Rodriguez has trained more than twenty five thousand teachers in socio emotional learning and impacted many millions of children in Mexico.

Another passion is mentoring. Abbott is also working with and coaching, entrepreneurs from Latin America as an investor at BlueBox Ventures (, Latin America’s leading corporate accelerator. “They’re on the ground, helping pre-seed and seed venture entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, while bringing social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurism to multi-billion-dollar corporations. The playing field has leveled from twenty-five years of internet access. And, we have a responsibility to assist in the next phase of the world economy by helping youth rethink what employment today really means,” said Abbott. But he also cautions very careful who you choose to work with in the exploding startup ecosystems, “what you see is not always what you get, so be sure you do your due diligence.”

Abbott founded, was a partner in, and finally sold Oak Creek Trail, a lean results-oriented digital marketing agency. Oak Creek invests in its clients as partners, not projects, and together creates strategy-driven digital solutions that last. Oak Creek, founded at the early stages of the internet, was not your typical marketing agency.

And finally he’s at TEDxSanDiego creating a model of a sustainable TEDx organization. Abbott founded TEDxSanDiego in 2009, one of the first in the world. His passion is being a part of the TEDx organizer community, curating/discovering talent of all kinds, and coaching coaches!

Everyone thinks ”I have a TEDx talk in me…” or “I need a TEDx talk to be more effective marketing myself…” or, “my coach says I need a TEDx talk….”. Maybe so, probably not. We’ll discuss how to gauge whether a TEDx talk is right for you or your client, how to nail the topic and to discover whether or not your talk will stand out. Discover the magic behind successfully coaching a group of speakers using multiple coaches. Learn why the most experienced speakers, especially teachers, are often the most difficult to coach and how to help them be successful. Find the best path to getting a gig as a TEDx speaker. Explore the concept of experiential and or immersive coaching. 

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