Talking Faith and Relationships with Larry Williamson & Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do with Michael Brody-Waite

Episode Summary

Lead in our episode by getting to know our guest co-host Larry Williamson.

Michael Brody-Waite will be sharing with you about how to:

• How to stop saying “yes” to things you could say no to and reclaim 500 hours per year

• How to stop hiding your weaknesses and accelerate your growth

• How to stop avoiding difficult conversations and maximize your impact

• How to stop holding back your unique perspective and unlock true leadership

Guest:  Michael Brody-Waite & Co-Host Larry Williamson

Show Notes

  • Let’s meet our co-host Larry
  • What would Larry have people work on in relationships right now?
  • How does faith coincide with Larry’s work?
  • Talk about ‘Great Leaders are like Drug Addicts’
  • What’s the first step with a leadership team?
  • What are the 4 masks as known by Michael?
  • Break things down in simple terms
  • Where do you see authenticity being harder in your life today?

“To thank you listeners for tuning in, I’d like to give YOU my Mask-Free Assessment that will help them identify the mask holding them back for free ($29 value).” – Michael

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