Episode Summary

Evolutionary design and thinking allows for shaping the context to meet not only the current needs but also what will emerge or is waiting to be born from the field of pure potential. Transformation that is more revolutionary or driven through the projection of the ego mind – invokes that within us which lends to more control mindsets and separation dynamics. Transformation designed within evolutionary thinking and experiencing processes allows for current to meet the natural to meet the emergent. When these three elements come together – it raises consciousness of those involved leading to different solutions and approaches that were just not possible earlier.

This is a powerful change process to call out and transform the power imbalances we exist in and how systems can be biased against specific communities, where by reducing their voice and choice. As coaches and coach educators we are responsible for designing approaches that allow for greater and healthier voice and choice.

The integration of intuition and rational energies and thoughts and experiences can lead to powerful awakening and this need to be integrated into coaching and coach education.

Show Notes

  • Christopher and Alex talk sidekicks and wins during COVID
  • ACTO goals Vikram has on his mind
  • Differences between international and American coaching
  • 3 things Vikram is excited about ACTO handling
  • Christopher looks for some clarity on Vikram’s intuition work
  • Vikram’s giveaway and parting words

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