Episode Summary

Join Kathy Atkins of The Lattitude Group as she breaks down Strategic Planning during these trying times. 

The Strategic Planning must be centered around how to keep the company viable through the crisis and maintain as many key resources as possible in the meantime. That is especially difficult given the uncertainty of the length and depth of the crisis. Nonetheless, that is the task at hand, and it is a weekly one at the least, and most likely a daily one. 

The first half of this episode we focus on the other planning you need to be doing now, which is also different than what you’ve typically done, IF YOU’VE BEEN DOING ANY PLANNING before. If you haven’t I hope this experience helps you realize the necessity of doing so systematically, with a change management/accountability system in place so that you are better prepared to deal with small to catastrophic changes. ss.

The second half, Patrick Ungashick with NAVIX Consultants and his work supporting business owners with their exit planning!

It is difficult to exaggerate how important exit success is to a business owner. Practically everything most business owners cherish or seek to achieve is impacted by their exit, including personal aspirations such as financial freedom and peace of mind, and business objectives such as protecting employees, serving customers, and preserving the company’s culture. Yet, most business owners do not have any clear plan for how to exit happily. 

In our discussion, we will understand why so many owners struggle to exit successfully, and identify the specific steps owners can take to start preparing for exit–and when they need to do so.

Guest 1: Kathy Atkins Guest 2: Patrick Ungashick

Show Notes

  • Alex shares he’s working on his PCC
  • The Phoenix Effect
  • How do coaches find corporate work right now
  • How should coaches position their business right now.
  • When’s the best time to start and exit strategy
  • Why do you need and exit strategy?
  • What should a small business strategy look like?
  • Be intentional with your choices

Links Mentioned:

Dance in the End Zone – the suggested starting place

Free ebook and corresponding webinar called “Your Last Five Years: How the Final 60 Months will Make or Break Your Exit Success”.

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