JR Edens, an entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, Gold Star member, and podcaster joins us to share his passion. He reminds us to not use faith as a comfort lid on our life. The American dream is based on faith combined with the entrepreneurial spirit. JR advises people to be proactive in life and to never be reactive. America is extraordinary because it is based on the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to live in freedom. So, whatever it is you are dreaming of, go after it.


{03:38} Guests journey

{07:58} The mindset needed to step out in faith.

{14:15} Getting over the mindset that being poor is what God wants.

{20:31} Facing challenges.

{26:53} Advice for the person who wants to start a business.

{27:54} The American Dream

{38:00} What makes America extraordinary?

{42:18} The work Firehouse Subs is doing.

JR Edens Bio:

JR. is an entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, Gold Star member, and podcaster. He’s a franchise owner of multiple Firehouse sub-locations. Is the co-owner of Pro-Sense, which is a lighting-buying group company, and is also the owner of Eden’s Building Ventures, which is a remodel Company. He went to School to be a pilot, but 9/11 changed the criteria for how many hours you needed to be a commercial pilot.

He joined the Air Force, but with his heart problems, he didn’t get far as much as he didn’t want to. He called his father and asked about how to get started in the career that his father became very successful in, which is the lighting business. JR ended up spending 20-plus years in the lighting business and it was a great-paying career, but he just didn’t have the passion for it.

So, at the age of 41, despite the financial risks of starting a business while raising a family, Jerrod took a leap of faith and dove into the entrepreneurship world. He started a remodeling company, bought into lighting, bought a good company, and bought multiple Firehouse sub-locations. The Firehouse Sub locations allow him to help out the people that take care of the community by approving grants and allocating money to the Firehouse Subs, and public safety foundations to local first responders.

Connect with JR:

Website: https://firehousesubsfoundation.org

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jr-edens-31011632

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/daddy-discussions-with-the-3-js/id1653260693