Ashley Johnson joins us to share her passion and work in educating corporate America about spirality practices in the business world. She will help you overcome self-doubt and show you that you don’t have to pursue happiness, you can find it today in the here and now.


{02:39} Ashley’s journey

{05:53} The motivating factor for Ashley’s work in education and corporate America

{14:39} Applying spirituality practically in your business.

{16:10} How to overcome the negative view of spirituality and religion in the business world.

{22:10} Overcoming self-doubt.

{30:59} The importance of encouragement

{31:535} The American perspective on the pursuit of happiness

{38:33} How to practically let go of desires and find happiness in the here and now.

Ashley Johnson Bio:

Ashley Johnson is an award-winning collaborator, sought-after educator and CEO of Gardner and Grace – a learning hub for the soul. It’s a round-the-clock shop bringing spiritual transformation services to the masses. She is credentialed through the Unitarian Universalist Association as a Religious Educator, adjunct faculty at Iliff Seminary, and trained in Spiritual Transformation in children and youth by Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley.

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