I brought on one of my favorite new friends… and yet another person who I saw online, recognized as MY PEOPLE, and then set about becoming friends with ◡̈ Will practices something called “Social Meditation” and we not only talk about it, but we actually do it live on the podcast… which was very vulnerable for both of us *sweating emoji*

[below you’ll find an AI generated list of topics we covered with time stamps!]





  • Embodied attunement and connection in online spaces (0:00)
  • Attunement and connection in real-time conversations (0:12) <-minutes, not seconds! lol
  • Social meditation and increasing relational capacity (0:28)
  • Emotional connection and empathy practice in a group setting (0:34)
  • Meditation practice with offers and invitations (0:51)
  • Physical sensations during meditation, laughter, and awareness of audience (1:00)
  • Intimacy and emotional connection through non-verbal communication (1:07)
  • Power dynamics and non-hierarchical connection in relationships (1:15)
  • Parenting strategies and emotional processing (1:25)
  • Parenting, manipulation, and communication (1:32)
  • Maintaining relationships through growth and connection (1:37)
  • Embracing decay in relationships for growth (1:42)
  • Grief, emotional expression, and societal expectations (1:47)
  • Contorted emotional responses to unhealthy environments and experiences (1:53)
  • Emotional experiences, depression, and therapy (1:59)
  • Grief, loss, and connection with others (2:06)
  • Breaking up with bullshit and finding support through connection and playfulness (2:13)