Misleading Ads, Winners & Losers, and The Yankees & RedSox

Before you freak out, let’s talk about it.

The first thing I hate is misleading ads by online influencers! Nobody is creating their dream business in 7 days! I call bullshit, and these ads by Brendon Burchard are misleading and prey on desperation. Can you start changing your life in 7 days? YES! Can you build a robust foundation or a plan in 7 days? YES! But you will not create or build your dream life or business in 7 days. If you want to build your dream business or create your dream life, that’s going to require a significant shift mentally, behaviorlly, and around your actions.

The second thing is I’ve been seeing a lot of entrepreneurial posts about being a winner or a loser lately…

Guess what, you’re not a winner or a loser. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. When we win, we often lose a lot before we get to the win. We never only win. But one thing is for sure, we don’t ever become a “Winner” or a “Loser.” This entrepreneurial winner and loser glamorization and projection is ego at its finest.

And lastly, if America doesn’t shift our polarizing, the other is the enemy idea and stance, we are in big trouble. We are all losing! The right is looking at the left as the enemy. The left is looking at the right as the enemy. Everyone in between is looking at both as the enemy. We have created it, so we are Yankee fans or Redsox fans and forgotten we are all baseball fans first. If there is no baseball, there are no Yankees and Redsox.

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Alex Terranova is a Performance & Success Alchemist and Author, a Breaker of Limiting Mental Beliefs, a recovering asshole, a lover of Philosophy, Personal Growth, and Mezcal. I am the docile tone behind hundreds of podcasts. Legend has it a former reality tv show villain and was dubbed “The Anti-Excuses Coach” by Yahoo Finance. Since 2015, I have coached hundreds of successful & influential individuals & businesses to thrive financially, enjoy better relationships, and achieve their stretch goals and deepest desires, all with less stress, drama, and difficulty.

As a Professional Certified Coach & the Founder of DreamMason Inc., I have uniquely combined raw, direct, and bold masculine tactics with a magnetic, playful, and spiritual feminine ease. For my clients as well as myself, I am passionate about and believe Integrity, Commitment, Vulnerability, Trust, and Faith make up the core of Authenticity, which provides access to living an exceptional life of abundance, love, & joy.

I am the author of Fictional Authenticity, the coauthor of the bestselling book Redefining Masculinity, and the forthcoming book How Dreams Are Built. I have hosted & appeared in over 400 podcasts including top-rated shows such as The University of Adversity, The Primal BluePrint, Success Unleashed, and have interviewed hundreds of the world’s highest-performing, wise, and successful leaders on The DreamMason Podcast. I have been featured on NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal.