Don Sevcik joins us to share his experience of scaling attention on a math tutoring site, which led to a significant increase in traffic and a significant increase in Google search rankings. He shares how he was able to improve their SEO and attract more visitors. Don explains the importance of considering the language used in a sales promotion, as it can affect the reader’s understanding of the content. Understanding the importance of speed and user validity in SEO and website development can lead to significant improvements in the user experience.


{02:35} The story of Math Celebrity

{13:44} Working smarter not harder.

{18:00} AB testing

{24:00} Greatest lesson learned from creating Math Celebrity

{37:38} The Book Free Traffic Frenzy

Don Sevcik Bio:

Don is the Founder of Math Celebrity, the fastest math tutor on the planet. Enter a math problem, push the button, and see every step-by-step line of math work in a fraction of a second.

Don has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox and have helped over 8.1 million people in 233 countries understand their homework and optimize their math skills – all without leaving their home.

Don is also hosting the College Prep Confidential podcast.

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