Back in 2015, Sean Chow teamed up with a friend who was already selling on Amazon, kickstarting his own Amazon journey. Although their partnership didn’t go as planned, Sean turned it into a valuable learning experience, gaining essential skills and knowledge along the way. Fast forward to today, Sean has built a thriving business that’s approaching 8-figure revenue, with an awesome remote team.In the podcast episode, Sean dives into the importance of partnerships, mentorship, and the art of delegation. He shares how cultivating a positive working culture within the team has been instrumental in their success. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for intentional product selection and development
  • Tips for effective team management and remote work dynamics
  • The significance of training, communication, and regular check-ins for maintaining a strong company culture
  • Insights into incentive structures and aligning them with individual preferences and business goals
  • Practical advice for building a successful Amazon business while enjoying a flexible and remote lifestyle