Most people associate pleasure with sex or other excessive hedonic or distractive leisure activities,

when life itself can contain everyday pleasures IF we are present to them, aware of them, know how

to use distinctively our senses to capture and observe them, and our concentration and willpower to

powerfully savor them.

While appreciation and valuing, perspective and meaning making allow us to

amplify our life experience so everyday living becomes something more magical, fresh, innovative,

healing, enjoyable and pleasurable.

Pleasure has been given a bad name and I m working through the art of savoring, to save myself, support others,

and contribute to the world in my own joyful way. For a world of people savoring, is a world of positive, optimistic,

abundant and generous, giving and joyful, peace desiring ALIVE people living with purpose, powerfully.

So the art of savoring is integrating pleasure onto purposeful daily activities,

so you live the most performant and joyful life imaginable –

which is contagious to others, and allows you to lead as the vibrant unique human that you are,

whatever your life is.