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Based on Sharon and Steven’s experiences over 9 years as a culturally diverse teaching team, leading culturally diverse students with very different levels of cultural awareness in a coaching curriculum that explores power, privilege, rank, race, culture and oppression, we want to support coaches, coach trainers and ICF to re-imagine the future of coaching and coach training. 

We believe it is important to move beyond diversity and inclusion. With diversity and inclusion there are still power dynamics (i.e. who has the power to “include” in order to create diversity?). When we shine light on those dynamics without shaming, blaming or attacking, we can disrupt norms that don’t work for everyone and then innovate as we redesign a future that can provide true equity and belonging for all.


Sharon Brown: I identify as Black, African American, cis-gender heterosexual female in my 60s. Mother, partner, grandmother, coach, coach educator, social change agent. Partially visible disability. More spiritual than religious. Grew up in a working class home with parents who valued the higher education they were denied. Live in northern New Jersey, USA where I was born and raised. Passionate about learning, indigenous wisdom, supporting cross-cultural connection, and contributing to social change.

Steven Filante: I am a white, bi-sexual cis-gender male in my 60s. Born to two doctors in California, I brought the tendency to tell intimate details of my life within the first 5 minutes to rural Northern Pennsylvania in 2003. Raised Jewish, I currently find my spiritual aliveness in my connection to the earth. I am a coach and coach trainer, bringing out the magic in those I work with. Creating, sustaining and enjoying community connection keeps my heart open and free.

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Sharon will be creating and offering/co-hosting a program in 2021 for female coaches of color who are reclaiming their indigenous ancestral roots and using coaching skills in a more intuitive and holistic way to support healing and social justice in communities of color throughout the African diaspora.


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Chapter 14: “Power, Privilege and Coaching” in the book Coaching for Transformation: Pathways to Ignite Personal & Social Change, Second Edition

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