Denise Yamada, PCC has been a professional coach since 2002. Denise is a Senior Leader at Accomplishment Coaching and a former broadcast journalist who earned 7 Emmy® Awards on both a local and national level. She now brings to her coaching and training the same level of professionalism and integrity she brought as a television journalist—and she delivers them with unyielding love and commitment.

Denise’s clients consistently report that with her support, they are able to produce extraordinary results. Her clients include entrepreneurs, performing artists, CEOs, stay-at-home moms, philanthropists, real estate investors, other coaches, and always, people who want to lead more meaningful lives.

In this episode, Alex Terranova, PCC and guest co-host Craig Cassey chat with Denise Yamada about her stories and experiences. 

-How 20 Years of Journalism experience and 7 Emmy Awards relates to Coaching


-From good to great

-Being in media and coaching

-Arnold Schwarzenegger story

-Attacking outcomes and the desire without attachment

-Spotlight on ourselves and turning it towards others

-Insatiable need to be right

-Performance and achievement and sourcing that type of being

-Everybody just wants to be loved

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