EP49 – Perfection, Just A Sexy Word For Fear
Ashley Cebulka is a spark plug, a witty, brilliant, playful and powerful woman, wife, mother and transformational coach.  Ashley’s mottos, “Fuck Perfection”, “Fuck Labels”, empower her in helping women get out of the box and create lives based on their inner intuition.  As a coach, she specializes in helping women across the globe remember their purpose, passion and freedom so they can create the lives they want.  And Ashely doesn’t just talk the talk, she lives it.  She incorporates all of her tools, practice into her own life, and she uses her personal experiences to build and support the programs she creates.  
Something I love about Ashley is that she’s just real, open, honest and vulnerable and willing puts her process on loud speaker.  
 Ashley and I discuss: 
-Overcoming an eating disorder and her personal experiences battling perfectionism,
-Societal expectations and how perfectionism is formed in the masculine and feminine, 
-Recognizing that while we can’t control everything we can always control our response,
-That we all have the power to choose our thoughts,
-How to develop self trust,
-Embracing change,
-Taking action!
-Being in service versus getting it right,
-And being aware of what we are arguing for in our conversations with others.
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