Ak is a Certified Master Practitioner Coach and Mentor and founding President of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council Asia Pacific Region.

He is Director of Perth based Beckon Business – Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting. Prior to Beckon, he was a Partner and a Senior Coach with AltusQ where he was also a Director and Deputy Chairman from 2008 to 2010, having started with AltusQ (then Shirlaws) in February 2002.

With over 20 years of full-time coaching experience behind him, Ak works with Boards, Senior Executives, Teams, Business Units and owners of Mid- Tier businesses on their commercial, cultural and personal growth.

Based in Western Australia, Ak’s clients include a diverse range of Resource Industry (Hard Rock & Oil and Gas) businesses as well as businesses servicing that industry. He also coaches businesses within other industry sectors including Banking, Financial Planning, Accounting, Property Development, Legal, Biotechnology, Government (Federal, State & Local), Health & Education Sectors, Real Estate, Engineering and Construction, Advertising, Hospitality, IT, and Manufacturing.

Together with fellow business partner Vanessa Fudge, Ak has developed a Corporate Mentoring ‘white label’ program which has been used in corporations and industry bodies across Australia.

He has co-authored two chapters, “Mentoring Across an Industry – the Recruitment Industry in Australia & NZ case study” published in the 2017 Sage Handbook of Mentoring (Clutterbuck et.al), and “Can a ‘white-fella’ be mentored using ‘black-fella’ wisdom?” a case study on alternative coaching modalities in the Australia/Pacific region, in “Coaching & Mentoring in the Asia Pacific” published by Routledge 2018.

Ak is entrepreneurial at heart, having started up and sold businesses in the HR Advisory and General Management outsourcing sectors. He is co-founder of Second Squared and WayFinder Capital, focused on building the eco-system around, and bringing the Search Fund investment class to Australia.

In December 2019, together with Second Squared Co-Founder Lui Pangiarella, Ak published “A Mind for Acquisition – Preparing Yourself to Buy Your Business.”

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