Ep183 – Overcoming Trauma and Generating Forgiveness with Sara Schulting-Kranz

Join Sara Schulting-Kranz and Alex on a discussion about trauma, why it is necessary and how to overcome it. Sara is a Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide, published author, TEDx Speaker, Executive Producer of “Walk Through This”, a documentary feature in production of her healing journey in nature, and a single mom of three amazing sons. As a multiple trauma survivor, Sara coaches individual men and women through their own life- shifting journeys of healing and transformation.

In this episode we discuss:

– We all experience trauma

– How to accept and honor what you have been through

– Masculine vulnerability

– The Little T vs The Big T

– Viewing the journey as an adventure

– Nature Therapy

– Discovering her husband’s Double Life

– Forgiveness is intentional

You can connect with Sara Schulting-Kranz here:

Facebook: @sara.schultingkranz

Instagram: @saraschultingkranz

Website: www.saraschultingkranz.com

Email: sara@saraschultingkranz.com

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