In this episode I talk with Jill Heiman.

Jill Heiman is an Empowerment Coach and Speaker with a Bachelors in Communications and over 14 years of experience in corporate America. 

Jill empowers purpose hungry individuals to create a Circle Self through dismantling personal org charts. encourages conscious communication and honors the value of intentional connection around sex and other key life decisions.

In her work with clients, she harnesses her own life experience from adolescence through early adulthood including her chapter as a collegiate athlete, her journey out of depression and her continued healing after a sexual assault. 

It’s Jill’s deep belief that “Her healing is your healing and our healing is Power.” That power touches the greater human experience and impacts all of us – as a collective in this physical life.

In this episode, we talk about how Jill balances a corporate role with also a business, overcoming resistance and finding flow, and the power of taking on vision work.

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