Talia Jacqueline is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and business psychologist expert. She is the CEO of the company, Visceral, which helps business owners, and their teams bring words to life and bring life to their companies. Talia shares her expertise in business psychology and communications. She has worked closely with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to create positive company cultures, increase new client relationships, and put an emphasis on ownership from the bottom of the torrent flow right to the very top. Her advice will help your company generate the recognition, traction, and growth that they deserve.


{01:30} Talia’s journey into entrepreneurship

{07:55} The biggest obstacle

{12:00} Growing out of pain.

{21:20} Advice for people who have experienced trauma.

{24:10} Overcoming national trauma as a country, the American identity, and the dream.

{30:55} Seeking Happiness vs Consumerist.

{32:35} Communication in Life and Business

{34:30} Visceral Communication

{36:00} Intrepreneurship

Talia Jacqueline Bio:

Talia Jacqueline was just 21 years old when she learned the most valuable lesson in business: Your value cannot be realized until you learn how to communicate it. A year earlier, at the age of 20, Talia started her own trauma therapy practice. It wasn’t gaining much traction. Just calling herself a “personal coach” or “consultant” wasn’t going anywhere.

But after studying communication and business psychology, Talia realized that titles and labels put you into a box. To truly stand out, your message must be communicated with the right emotion, tonality, and strategy.

That’s how Visceral Communication was born. Talia dived deep into the intimate connection between psychology and communication, and she has spent the last several years cementing those bonds after establishing Visceral in 2016. Working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and their most valuable team members, Talia has helped companies generate the recognition, traction, and growth that they deserve.

Talia currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her partner Max and their cat, Beau. She regularly travels to Los Angeles, where she was born and raised, and to countries around the world to visit friends and family. Outside of her business ventures, you can find Talia hiking around the flat landscape of Austin — AKA walking — as well as painting, dancing, and convincing friends to start their own businesses.

Connect with Talia:

Website: https://taliajacqueline.com https://www.viscomm.ca

Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/talia-jacqueline-17317b13b