In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Reggie Walker. Reggie is aformer NFL athlete of 7 years and team captain who played for the Arizona Cardinals, San Deigo Chargers and the Denver Broncos. He is also a TEDx speaker and organizer, author, course creator, and entrepreneur. Reggie is a survivor of Childhood mental, physical and sexual abuse. He also grew up in an environment of extreme poverty and racism. But that didn’t deter his will to succeed in spite of the overwhelming environmental odds that were stacked against him, when most would have just given up and blamed their circumstances for why they aren’t succeeding in life. He went on to become a successful NFL player and it is exactly his mindset, his thoughts, and his actions to become the top one percenter in his field that we must understand to succeed in our own life. Reggie haspartnered with another former NFL player David Carter to create Top Athlete Life, a course designed to help anyone to become the top athlete in their own life, A course built to help understand the mental strength and dexterity needed to be successful in whatever avenue you choose for yourself!


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