In this episode, I talk with Mike Szczesniak.

Mike is the President and Head Coach at The Results Engine, a high performance coaching company where he helps his clients boost productivity and performance so they can scale their results faster in life and in business. 

Mike is the founder of the Fear Hacking Academy, where he helps sales teams scale their production by a minimum of 30% in 90 days or less. 

Prior to founding The Results Engine, Mike started 3 different businesses while working in corporate America. Through these experiences, Mike came to realize the power of coaching, and more specifically High Performance Coaching, a modality in which he is now certified.

Through his companies, and his top-rated podcast, The Results Engine, Mike aims to empower people to think differently, and realize that they don’t have to fit inside a box that someone else built.

In this episode, Mike and I talk about his journey dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, the importance of well-being and taking care of yourself, and Mike shares some of his best tips for helping you to hack your fear and become more productive.

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