David Corsini, a certified trainer and coach of Neurolinguistic programming joins us to share his passion with goal setting, problem-solving, and business strategy. Corsini divided his understanding of the mind into three major categories: words we use with ourselves, words we use with others, and words other people use with us. The deeper problem with our void is the inner chatter, which is the negativity we put within ourselves.


{02:30} David’s journey

{10:10} The relationship between inner chatter and self-worth

{13:10} Advice for people on autopilot with negative thoughts

{23:10} How to transform from a negative identity to a positive identity.

{39:30} The Potential of America

David Corsini Bio:

David is the CEO of Activated Potential, where he helps his clients with goal setting, problem-solving, and business strategy after years of struggling to find his identity. David decided to go on a journey with one question in mind. Who am I supposed to be? Which finally led him to his purpose. He’s committed to unlocking the human code and teaching others how to access their Genius David is an extraordinary American.

Connect with David:

Website: https://www.the-potentialist.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/the.potentialist