For the past 23 years, the NeuroLeadership Institute has been teaching leaders from around the world

about the power of cognitive science as applied to the workplace. They’ve helped businesses

dramatically improve employee engagement, master the habits of inclusion, and turn troubled

workplaces into top-performers at a speed, impact and scale offered nowhere else.

At the heart of this transformative cultural leadership is the brain-based coaching practice first

developed by David and Lisa Rock. Now offering enterprise and individual coaching solutions, the

NeuroLeadership Institute continues to assist businesses in tackling their most challenging talent

questions. How can you move the needle on DEI at your organization? What conversations do you need

to be having about performance to keep your employees doing their best in the era of hybrid work?

What are the best ways to facilitate individual and organizational growth in the workplace setting?

In this episode, Patricio Ramal, the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Director of Education—who led the

practice to international award-winning status during the coronvirus pandemic—offers his thoughts on

the latest innovations in brain-based coaching, and how to bring the best out of leaders and teams