EP93 – More than an American Idol with Justin Guarini
“You can’t learn to be better unless you are willing to make mistakes.”
-Justin Guarini
My guest today is Justin Guarini. As you might recall Justin was a finalist with Kelly Clarkson on season one of American Idol. He is also a Broadway veteran, hosts the podcast Audition Secrets, author of the book Audition Secrets, and an influencer who is committed to supporting others in achieving their success. 
On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:
-The experience of being a finalist on the first season of American Idol
-Authentic techniques for interviewing and auditioning
-Cultivating an amazing attitude
-Reaching your threshold
-The power of choice to move your life forward
-Rebounding from the highs and lows of success
-Marriage and parenting
-Navigating hard choices
-Willingness to be strong and wrong
-The inability to hack growth and wisdom
-Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and seeking never-ending improvement
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