EP34 – “Mirror Moments” with Meiyoko Taylor
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Meiyoko Taylor is a Speaker, Author, Mindset Coach, and The Host of the Art of Winning Podcast.  He is the author of Find Your AMAZING!:  5 Steps to Transforming Your Life and has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Women’sHealth and Fitness Magazine, Bustle, Ladders, and dozens of other media outlets.  
Meiyoko wasn’t happy; he was obese, and stuck in a relationship that wasn’t serving him. Then one day he experienced what he calls a “Mirror Moment”.  His “Mirror Moment” was his experience of waking up and deciding everything in his life had to change. So can you create a “Mirror Moment”? I ask Meiyoko that question.  
Meiyoko and I discuss the vulnerable process of realizing you aren’t living a life you desire and the process and experience of transformation.  We discuss the courage it takes to go against the grain, to not listen to society, family or friends and to listen to our own inner wisdom.  We share our experiences as males in learning to feel, to share feelings and emotions, and the challenges we face in being vulnerable. I also share my “Mirror Moment” which I often describe as being punched in the nose by The Universe.   
Meiyoko also shares some tools, tips and advice for men and women around relationships, life and transformation.  We talk about the importance of listening without judgment and the impact you can have on someone if you take the time to understand where they come from and get into relationship with them.  
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