In this interview Cosmos Dar interviews Eric Levine. Eric is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, speaker and a global fitness expert. He started in the fitness industry in 1979, when he became the first franchisee for Gold’s Gym, and opened up a chain of six clubs. These six clubs were the most profitable in the entire Gold’s chain of more than 100 clubs. During that time Eric established Super Gym Advertising and Marketing company, the exclusive worldwide agency for all Gold’s Gyms, winning many international awards including the silver medal at Cannes! Eric then became a partner with Ray Wilson Family Fitness Centers, which grew to 72 locations. He then went on to Asia and created California Fitness in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia. In this interview Eric talks about breaking through limiting beliefs and re-wiring your subconscious for success. Eric discusses the law of attraction and the power of changing your mindset to become the best version of yourself. Additionally, Eric talks about how his spiritual journey has been integral in his entrepreneurial career.


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