Your mind believes your voice more than any other voice.

LoriAnn joins to share her creation of an ideal life vision program. LoriAnn wants to help you find your passion and monetize it. Music and words of affirmation can have an effect on the subconscious mind. She believes that every single person becomes joyful and happy and sends out those vibrations of inner peace and calm and guidance.


{01:14} LoriAnn’s journey

{12:26} How to monetize your passion.

{15:25} How to find a mentor without getting scammed.

{19:41} advice for the mother who wants to restart life after 40

{39:30} Using the subconscious mind to Find the American Dream

{43:09} The Ideal Life Vision Program

LoriAnne Garner Bio:

LoriAnn is an entrepreneur and life coach. In her entrepreneurial endeavors, LoriAnn not only found financial stability but also discovered her passion for empowering others. She honed her skills as an ideal life vision coach, helping people transform their mindsets, and bio-hack their subconscious to create the lives that they truly desired.

Over the past 12 years, she has also dedicated herself to assisting individuals with their skin and health concerns. Her unique brand of expertise in skin care, health, and mindset has empowered countless individuals to break through barriers and unlock their full potential. LoriAnn’s story is about her journey from being a dedicated stay-at-home mom of five children to becoming a successful entrepreneur and coach, impacting many along the way. And that is why I have her on the show. Hello Leanne, are you there?

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