Amaranatho is an accredited coaching supervisor and coaches at the senior practitioner level of the EMCC. He is currently Head of Faculty and Leadership for Blend Associates which supports National health Service executives/leaders and teams through coaching/training and super-vision. As a mindfulness-based executive and agile mindset coach, he supports executives, leaders, and teams to stay calm and connected in complex situation, using the PlayfulMonk approach he developed. He started his working life as a technical support manager and this took him on a transformational journey from getting a degree in AI, to world explorer and spending 15 years as a Buddhist monk. He brings his experience of solitude and dealing with uncertainty. into a variety of industries from education to tech companies, where he has coached founders of large startups, HR executives and cybersecurity teams. 

Have you ever read a social media post with a quote and thought what great wisdom! And then you heard an inner voice saying I knew that too, why did I not say that? Amaranatho will explore how executives and coaches can be more responsive to wisdom, using the playfulmonk approach. This allows a more authentic way of being, improves relationships and collaboration, and ultimately helps you recognize the peace you are.


-Men’s work, men’s groups, and men supporting other men

-How men often create solitude for themselves, which leads to relationship problems

-Ritual elder leadership

-Being a Monk for 15 years

-Coaching supervision and how it’s supportive and advances a coach’s growth

-“Disrobing,” aka leaving the monastery work and becoming a coach

-Safe to fail

-The Playful Monk

-The three core aspects of the playful monk

-Pressure and connection

-Start with what you got and where you are at

-Going slow

-It’s ok to struggle

-The Hug Story

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