Atholl Duncan is the leader of The Edge Coaching and Consultancy. He blends his wisdom of having “been there and done it” in a range of board roles with his experience from a decade of coaching CEOs, CFOs, and high potential leaders. He currently Chairs three boards – leadership development and technology business Black Isle Group, UK Coaching and Salmon Scotland, which represents a one-billion-pound sector of the UK economy. He is also a former interim Chair and non-executive director of the British Horseracing Authority – which runs the UK’s second largest spectator sport. He’s the Audit Chair of a cinema business.

Atholl was a senior executive at the BBC for many years. He led the BBC’s coverage of the Lockerbie disaster and the Dunblane shootings. He holds the Insead Coaching Certificate and studied leadership and strategy at Harvard and Cranfield. He also specializes in personal brand building, individual impact and presentation skills. He relishes “speaking truth unto power”. He’s the author of “Leaders in Lockdown”

We are all facing a tsunami of change as we face the many challenges of life after lockdown. So, what can we learn from what we’ve all been through? How will the world change? And how must we adapt as leaders and individuals to face a world where so much is no longer the same.


-How things have changed in our lives due to COVID and Lockdowns

-New wave of leaders are more compassionate, caring, and listen more

-The demanding directive leader is becoming a thing of the past as it’s not effective

-We are learning that compassion and empathy actually support our teams to generate better results

-We need to work on creating and transforming our own environments

-Creating purpose and focus in work work while distractions are at all time highs

-“Will it make the boat go faster” a way to look at what’s important

-The 7 Themes of Leadership

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