EP43 – Leading a Love Revolution with Emily Perkins
Emily Perkins is love.  She is the owner and founder of Love Living Holistics, an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master, a driven, loving leader and holistic lifestyle practitioner specializing in beauty, life coaching and reiki energy healing.  Emily is also the host of the Transformation Network’s radio show, Love Living Radio and is using all these methods in service of her hearts deepest desire to Create a Love Revolution.
Emily and I discuss:
-Reiki, what it is and how it’s beneficial.
-How she is working to have an impact on the world through her dream of Creating a Love Revolution.
-Why “How” always stops us, and that it isn’t an actual obstacle but merely a “mental block”.
-Trust, intuition and having faith and why they are often the obstacle the gets in our way.
-The limiting beliefs and judgments around needing, wanting or asking for the love.
– Accepting and cultivating a powerful loving relationship.
-The challenges of juggling a driven entrepreneurial life and dating.   
-The polarization of the world we live in and how to love those we think are “bad” or doing harm in the world.
-Sex, sexual trauma, porn, masturbation, sexual exploration, desires and the Love Revolution.
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