adam quiney is one of my best friends, and someone i mention constantly on this podcast, so i figured it was time to have him on. below you’ll find links to all the places he mentions, as well as an AI generated summary/list of topics we covered ◡̈



Transformational Leader Podcast

Based on the transcript, some of the main topics covered in the podcast include:

– Their friendship and how it started, including talking every week and how their conversations have evolved over time.

– How they learn from each other and give each other feedback, and the importance of being responsible for their own work and growth.

– How they learn from playing video games, and how that relates to leadership and coaching.

– The importance of letting go of shortcuts and being present in their own process.

– The metaphor of paths in the forest and how that relates to their lives and work.

Adam and Michelle discuss relational learning, growth, and wisdom in unexpected places. Michelle shares how playing video games with her spouse taught her about leadership styles. Adam shares how letting go of shortcuts and being present helped him as a coach. They discuss paths in the forest as a metaphor for their lives and work.