In this episode I speak with Chris Brewer.

Chris Brewer is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of OMG Commerce, an eCommerce agency that specializes in world-class Google & Amazon marketing. Chris is an author, frequent speaker and podcast guest who loves adventure and inspiring others to stretch their limits and expand their horizons.

Chris started his career as a professional golfer. He worked on both the club and resort levels teaching others the game of golf, and also played in minor league golf tours competing with other elite golfers. After leaving the golf industry, he leveraged the connections he had made in those circles to begin my entrepreneurial journey.

Chris’ mission is to leave a legacy of joyful fun and uninhibited living that is fueled by continuous curiosity.

In this episode, Chris and I talk about his experience selling a business and having another business fail, the importance of intention and communication in creating cultures, and how to keep the fire in your belly as you get older.

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