At Ecom CPA, simplicity is the keyword. So, they’re constantly working on building systems to break the silo that exist between the accounting and tax departments.

Since most of their clients are entrepreneurs who hate to repeat themselves, their solutions gather enough information to reduce such stress. Then goes further to help them understand their taxes and all they need to know about compliance. 

Key Takeaways

In this interview, you’ll learn from Jeremy and Jason:

  • Some systems that neutralize the silo between the accounting and tax departments
  • Understand taxes and all the moving pieces from a compliance perspective
  • The best way to satisfy your client is to ask them what they want and listen
  • How Jason overcame his uncertainties about eCommerce
  • How they’re able to get more traction than their competitors
  • Why they only work with clients that are a good fit
  • Why Jeremy chose Jason for his current role