I interviewed my husband (of 12 years) using questions sent in by my twitter pals! There were some silly questions that you won’t see in the list below because I don’t wanna ruin them. Otherwise, if you wanna skip around, go for it by checking the timestamps below. If you wanna find my husband online, you can’t. He only exists IRL and on this podcast ◡̈ I think he was wonderfully insightful, and incidentally, I recommend interviewing your spouse! I learned things I didn’t know, and that’s saying a lot. Hope you enjoy!

5:38 what has given him strength, courage, and patience in marriage?

19:53 what’s your deal???

24:07 how did he become so good at improvising? / what helped him get good (before and during the theatre gig)?

28:57 what does he miss about the 90s web?

31:34 what are some difficult surprises that you have discovered since being a parent?

what are some pleasant surprises that you have discovered since being a parent?

34:46 What advice does he have for men who are single and want marriage? And who want to be the best sex their wife has ever had?

41:30 What are his favorite things about himself? And his WIFE?

59:37 In what ways has he seen you grow over the years? / I want to hear about your coaching and personal development collaboration together, how it’s progressed thru ur relationship, how you’ve both grown together /apart /individually

1:10:00 what gifts did you bring for the podcast host?

1:11:00 How do you think about balancing career vs. purpose/fulfillment?

1:16:00 How to find a beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring wife?

1:18:00 how did he know he loved you / wanted to spend of his life with you? what did you change his perspective on?