In this episode Cosmos Dar interviews Dan Vega who rose from poverty to become an Extremely successful Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, Talk show host, Strategic Advisor and Philanthropist. Cosmos questions Dan about how he became successful over the years. He also asks him about the thoughts and actions that helped him get from rags to riches. Dan Vega also provides insights into what it takes to succeed, his view on strategic debt and his understanding of the American Dream.


●    He started his first business at 19.

●    He has written and spoken in the field of business for over 20 years and has been hailed as America’s #1 Results Guy.

●   He has achieved extreme success in several careers including sales, marketing, management, corporate restructuring and consulting.

●    He understands the business world from top to bottom and specializes in helping companies to become profitable multi-million dollar enterprises.

●   Dan was also considered one of the top experts in the country assisting companies to secure funding. He has been connected with as many as 400 Private Equity Investors, Institutional Investors, Venture Capital Groups, and Angel Investors.

●  Dan started his television journey a few years ago as the producer and host of Tuesdays With Dan, a late night business talk show that reached just over 1 million homes per week on ABC. The shows popularity quickly made it one of America’s fastest growing talk shows.

●  Dan has been featured on NBC NEWS, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, Ellen,  YAHOO! ABC, FOX NEWS Channel, THE BOSTON GLOBE

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