Playing with Problems Segment: Imposter Syndrome to becoming Unreasonable with Brianna Jackson

In this episode, Brianna and I explore the impact of imposter syndrome. Studies have shown over 65% of professional people suffer and struggle with this limiting mindset. As we see through Brianna, who has a history of success in the Navy, as a Business Owner and a Mother of four children, even the successful can be hindered by imposter syndrome. 

Brianna Jackson, CEO of Sonas LLC, is a management professional with 20 years of experience in the federal government. Holding numerous senior and executive-level roles within the Department of Defense, she has led, trained, and managed a broad spectrum of diverse teams to maximize coordination and efficiency across interdisciplinary departments, clients, and contractors. Dedicated to process improvement, from developing policy and procedures to training and leading teams with a mix of military, civilians, and contractors, she is driven towards shifting the culture to achieve a more inclusive and resilient world. She has developed various pieces of training promoting diversity and Inclusion and champions the dialogue essential to attaining true Inclusion.

In this episode, we discuss:

-The importance of having an impact

-Gender equality and Inclusion in the military

-How policy without culture misses the mark

-Exploring imposter syndrome

-Why there are and will always be good reasons to stop you

-Success can be found in becoming unreasonable

-Creating practices and accountability for success

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