I believe I made a mistake. 

In February 2017, I launched The DreamMason Podcast. At the end of 2021, I had over 200 episodes and a book about the podcast in the works. I also had become numb, bored, and over this show. 

I had burned out. 

Not just on the podcast but on coaching, writing, podcasting, and other entrepreneurial ventures. In response or reaction to the burnout, I unloaded a few things off my plate, one being I mostly stopped recording the podcast. Instead of looking holistically at everything, I laid the blame or the issue on a few areas, most of which I dismissed as I’m just over it; they have run their course. And to most people and inside my own head it seemed reasonable. 

The funny thing is I added more, including other podcasts, to replace the various items I let go. 

At the end of 2022, this all came to a tipping point. I realized I was doing far too much. I ended my run as Head of a Media Network. I moved away from Co-Hosting two other Podcasts and away from some business groups and relationships I was involved. I also let go of a few clients I wasn’t enjoying working with. And then, I co-created The Alchemy of Men Retreat and The Playing with Problems Podcast.

As I sit here almost on the eve of the 6-year anniversary of The DreamMason Podcast, something feels off. 

A lot changed, and that’s ok, but something doesn’t feel right. And I realize I made a mistake. And that’s ok, too, because mistakes are how we learn. 

The DreamMason Podcast is my brand, podcast, voice, and expression. It’s home, and I abandoned it for shiny new things. 

From now on, I will be resuming Hosting The DreamMason Podcast, I will be folding The Playing with Problems Podcast into The DreamMason Podcast. I will continue to produce episodes, interview guests DreamMason Podcast style, and coach people live via Playing with Problems Segments. 

As I write this, something feels right. Something feels grounded, and it feels good to realize you made a mistake and can correct it or make it right. We often ignore or dismiss mistakes, but mistakes are how we learn and grow. While, of course, we can learn from our wins, it’s usually our mistakes that teach us the most significant lessons. This lesson is one of how I respond to burnout, exhaustion, and my constant creative expression.

In the future, I must slow down, reflect on what I am committed to, ignore the fun, and give less attention to the fun and exciting new projects. 

I look forward to connecting with you here on The DreamMason Podcast.