Veronica Yanhs is the founder of Business Laid Bare, a consultancy that helps CEOs work out the kinks in their businesses by solving organizational and operational problems to help them be more efficient. On the side, she also teaches BDSM to beginners in a fun and easy way.

Veronica got started on her entrepreneurial path when she came to a “breaking point” where she felt like she couldn’t be herself. She felt like she was living two different and separate lives and felt shame that I couldn’t honor herself fully.

Now, Veronica’s on a mission to strip people bare of their limiting beliefs and cultural expectations, so that they can show up unapologetically exactly as they are.

In this episode, Veronica and I talk about how she got into entrepreneurship and into kink, the journey of what some would consider a “taboo” business, and some common operational blindspots for small businesses.

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