Jason is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs who want to work less & make more. Through coaching and his exclusive mastermind, The Exiter Club, He works with entrepreneurs to develop systems & processes to scale so they can live what he calls “The Exit Lifestyle”, having complete control over their time and choices on a daily basis as opposed to being in the weeds of business operations every day. His mission is to help entrepreneurs be successful and enjoy their businesses–including the financial profits & tax benefits–without the need to be the owner-operator. He calls it “Exit Without Exiting”. ABOUT THE REAL JASON DUNCAN KEYNOTE SPEAKING TOPICS

Jason spent 13 years in pastoral ministry and four years as a school teacher before he became an “accidental entrepreneur” in 2010. He owns multiple companies that are involved in various industries, including e-commerce, private lending, consulting services, motorcycles, power equipment, & real estate holdings. Jason has spoken at a variety of conferences, including TEDxWilmington, and appeared on dozens of podcasts. He’s a member of several private and public professional organizations whose focus is on business growth, personal and professional development, and wealth generation. Most importantly, Jason is a passionate and dedicated professional who loves Jesus. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He & his wife have two kids. He enjoys playing guitar, riding motorcycles, and traveling in his RV with his wife.

The exit lifestyle is what all entrepreneurs want to live, but they think that they only get it once they sell their company and walk away. You can exit without exiting as long as you know the core principles that must be applied as you are building your business. That’s what The Real Jason Duncan specializes in. He teaches entrepreneurs how to live the exit lifestyle without selling. He shows them how to exit without exiting.


  • What Jason Duncan has learned The Root of all Success is
  • How Jason went from unemployed teacher to million-dollar business owner
  • The Five things entrepreneurs need
  • How the previous experiences in your life help you
  • Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness and vice versa
  • What is the Exit Lifestyle, and how do we overcome the hustle culture
  • Entrepernurs have Hero Syndrom
  • 4 Keys to success of building an Exit Lifestyle Business
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