We are joined today by Harlow, an entrepreneur, performance coach, and martial artist, who shares his background and passion. Harlow’s single life gives him time and resources to have an adventurous life.

Harlow has managed a martial arts studio, obtained a degree in technology, and later became a professional artist and Blacksmith. His journey has developed diverse skills and has led him to take more risks. The motivating factor for Harlow’s decision to become a performance coach was his early commitment to martial arts. He had a tough childhood and embraced it to protect herself from the situation she grew up in. This early commitment to martial arts allowed him to pursue his passion and pursue his dreams.


{02:34} Harlow’s journey

{06:50} Taking a financial risk.

{08:51} The importance of motivation in entrepreneurship

{11:59} How goals change over time.

{19:33} How the online world has changed all aspects of our lives.

{22:25} The biggest lessons Harlow learned as he saw technology change around him.

{25:05} The opportunity of running a business online without overhead expenses.

{43:55} Retreats with Harlow

Harlow Reseburg Bio

As an experienced coach and remote high-ticket sales closer, I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve more growth and reach. I have been self-employed or contract labor for 20+ years. With over eight thousand direct personal connections, I bring the capability to do my own network outreach in addition to your business’s current lead generation system. With 35+ years of experience in various vocations and formal education in computer hardware technology, I have developed an eclectic range of soft and hard skills in life.

Connect with Harlow:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harlowreseburgiii

Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/harlowreseburgiii

Website: https://reseburgconstructionllc.com & https://harlowreseburgiii.com