Playing with Problems: How Challenges Create Opportunity with Super Bowl Champion Chukky Okobi

In this episode, Super Bowl Champion, Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer explore the challenges we face when trying to get our message out into the world. Chukky is extraordinary, successful, disciplined, and very clear on his goals. Yet, he, like so many of us, encounter the difficult obstacles of getting people to hear our message, buy into our vision, and open their hearts and minds up to new possibilities. Chukky and I dive deep into his journey, success, and challenges and explore what might be holding him back from conquering his second mountain!

An 8-year veteran of the National Football League and a Super Bowl winner with his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, today Chukky Okobi is an emotional intelligence specialist and integrative psychology professional. Using his psychology expertise not only as a Keynote & Motivational speaker, he mainly serves as an executive mindset coach for former pro athletes, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and other high-level performing professionals. Through his own professional journey in business and sports, Chukky shares his personal experience to guide other ambitious professionals to take full control of their mental faculties, develop greater emotional discipline, and access their untapped inherent talents to elevate their abilities in their careers and life overall. His passion is helping professionals realize that Success is Simple…if you know the Basic Instructions of Mind Mastery.

In this episode, we discuss:

-NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how discovering a book on the subject completely changed his life

-Having the courage to explore outside of your comfort zone

-His fundamental principles of success

-How one of his biggest challenges became his most incredible opportunity

-Why the world is inside of us, not outside of us

-Understanding the human emotional experience

-The cost of misinterpreting emotions

-The challenge of getting people to listen

-What’s in your blindspot

-The Pono Lesson

-Finding your way, your path, and sticking to it

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