Carmen Acton, MBA, MS-Psych, PSS is a graduate of the Academy of Leadership and NLP coach training. Her passion for horses led her to some amazing self-discovery and ultimately to facilitate experiential learning and subsequently to professional leadership coaching. 

She is from a blue-collar immigrant family and the only member to attain a secondary education. Prior to becoming a coach, Carmen worked in a succession of corporate leadership roles in a variety of disciplines ranging from Safety Engineering to Employee and Leadership Development. Her focus is on partnering with leaders committed to growing themselves and building the leaders of the future through a humanistic lens. She is fascinated by the power of our brain/mind and the paradigm shift needed to raise our leadership consciousness. In her spare time, she travels, reads, engages in continuous improvement and hangs out with friends and horses


-Group Dynamics and how people interact when they are brought together

-What we can learn from horses

-How do we change the way our minds operate

-Practicing vs relating to life as the olympics


-Leaders often lead from the neck up and have no connection to anything other than their minds

-Growth and impact

-Limiting belief exercises

-Asking Wonder Questions

-Intrinsic Motivation

-How do you define success for yourself

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